Resources for our Members can be found below.


If you have any questions regarding this information or any other issues effecting you business' please reach out to Nicole @ 253.495.6442

*We are also using this page as a resource for all Washington State NECA Members as the infrastructure was already in place. Each Chapter is working to provide more links and resources to this list!! Feel free to reach out to your Chapter with any questions regarding the information provided here.

Quick Resources

Construction Workers

Employee Tests Positive for Covid

Government Building

Are They Eligible for Federal Sick Pay/Leave

Construction Workers

Are They Eligible for Employer  Sick Pay

On Her Laptop

Are They Eligible for Washington   State PFML 

NECA Resources

NEW 2021 Covid Stimulus HR 133



Washington State Specific Links // Expanded Emergency Rules & Guidance


 Families First HR 6201

   Cares ACT HR 728


Washington State Stay at Home Ordinance ​

   Washington State Phase I Construction Reopening // Resources

Washington State Phase 2 Construction Reopening // Resources

 Contract Rights

General - NECA Guidance or Q&A's Covering all Aspects of Covid-19 Issues