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Virtual Classrooms: Providing More Options for NECA Members


There is lot of variation on the availability of in-person training across the country, and it is likely to remain that way in the weeks and months ahead. To combat this, NECA is bringing some of our most popular in-person classes online! This month, members can attend the following classes. 


Please contact or with questions.


For a limited time NECA is offering more than 100 online training courses to all employees of NECA members for FREE! Use the coupon NECA2020 during checkout and view the full list of courses here. NECA will be continually adding additional courses to these offering, so keep checking back. Things to know: Every month new training courses will be available Fees can vary All you have to do is register for the course online


Courses currently offered for July:


Transform your Organization for the future: Focuses on challenges of schedule compression, pricing, pressure and manpower shortages. Price: $100.00


Navisworks Manage: Navisworks Manage Software as it is best leveraged for modelers who conduct coordination on projects. Price: $39.00 How Traditional Accounting Methods are Killing your Job Profits and Cash Flo: Discusses the new FASB Revenue Recognition Standard to your advantage. Price: $100.00 Revit Electrical Circuiting: Focuses on placing electrical content in models and the creation of electrical circuits. Price: $39.00 Cracking the "WIP" Driving Predictable Cost Predictions: Focuses on critical financial indicators that point to problems on projects early so they can be rectified. Price: $100.00 Creating and Maintaining Effective Safety Programs: 2 day session, identifies the characteristics and habits of employee safety. Price: $0.00 (it's free!!)

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