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Drug Free Workplace

Testing paid by Chapter

The Southwest Washington Chapter offers a Substance Abuse Testing Program to help participating members create a drug and alcohol free work environment for the benefit of their employees, customers, and communities. All testing and administrative costs for the program are paid by the Chapter for permanent Chapter members. Testing under the program applies to both labor and management employees and includes pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion and post accident testing.

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Full Service Program for Washington State ESD

The Southwest Washington Chapter offers a program to handle all of your unemployment compensation problems and paperwork - everything but the paying of your taxes! The Chapter offers this service at no additional cost for those of our members who choose to receive it.

  • Process all U.C. claims filed against your company with the State of Washington

  • Represent you at all U.C. appeal hearings. You don't even need to be there

  • Provide concise and complete reports of all U.C. claim activity to each company

  • Audit charges to your accounts, monitor tax rates, and advise on ways to reduce your unemployment tax bill. - this service alone will probably reduce your annual taxes by 10% due to the high rate of errors by the State Dept. of Employment Security in posting charges to your account.

  • Consult and advise on termination and unemployment issues and report all new hires to the State

Reimbursement Covered by the LMCC

They are free or nearly free to you and they look great! The Contractor signs are 4’x6’ and have the LMCC logo and the words “Building Our Community Together” across the bottom. They are in a white plastic material, similar to the old signs. The sign is full color and can include your Firm’s logo or your company’s name, city, state, and phone number printed across the top in navy blue. This is an excellent, cost effective way for you to advertise your firm as well as the Union presence in the marketplace.

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Job Site

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